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AHP International Co.


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* Mysterious Tasting, Golden Color
[Persimmon Wine]
: - Has more Tannin than grape wine, so prevents apoplexy and keeps your beautiful skin.
- Fresh tastes and golden color make your dishes more deliciously

* The Fruit of GOD - Persimmons
: A persimmon in the Greek language is 'Diospyro' which means the "Fruit of god". Also it is called a "King of the Fruit"

* Persimmon Wine Storage
: Persimmon Wine Storage surrounded by the yellow Bricks which is remodelled from train tunnel built in 1904. The wine is aged and matured with 15 °C throughout the year and heavenly blessed natural condition.

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icon 회원 가입일   2008/03/15 (년/월/일)
icon 역할 구분   판매상
icon 사업형태   수출입 대행업체
icon 설립년도   2002
icon 총 종업원수   11 - 50
icon 연간매출   USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000

[ 연락처 정보 ]
icon 회사명 AHP International Co.
icon 주소 경북 청도국 풍각면 봉기리 1117번지
(우:714-833) 한국
icon 전화번호 82 - 54 - 3711100
icon 팩스번호 82 - 54 - 3711219
icon 홈페이지
icon 담당자 Steve Lee / Export Manager

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